Absorb Spanish effortlessly
Peter Lewis from the Times:

"Many people can recall the exact lyrics of 'oldies' songs on the radio.....
Barry Carstetter has shown us that we can absorb Spanish into our subconscious in much the same effortless way."

Peter Lewis, Columnist,  New York Times

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An extraordinary environment for learning.

Barry creates an extraordinary environment for learning. From the first class, I felt inspired by his love for the language and his passion for teaching. In addition to the great Spanish training, the class is a superbly fun escape. After a long day at work, I enjoy taking on a different name and alterego and gaining new language skills with his fresh and unique approach. I was a total beginner and am making great strides and I can't wait to move through the next levels with the VIP Program. I highly recommend these classes.

-- Craig Hella Johnson, International Artistic Director, Conductor, Vocalist, and founder of The 5 (five) time Grammy Nominated Choral Ensemble, Conspirare (2011

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Next Evening Class~Level I~Wednesday October 15, 2014
Next Evening Class~Level 5 ~Tuesday, November 11

Empowering Students To Speak Spanish Since 1989
Learning a foreign language is an intimidating experience for adults and Barry   takes all the pain and scariness out of it. He breaks down the learning walls!" 
Jay Valentine, Business Owner & Entrepreneur   


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