You can discover
more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.

"After moving to Austin from Wisconsin three years ago, I got a job working in a local barbeque chain. About 3 hours into my new job, another employee said to me, "¿Como se llama?" At that point I knew I was in trouble.

So I started researching
Spanish classes on line. ACC? Ugh. Too boring sitting in a classroom. Been there, done that, still don't remember anything from what we studied. Then I saw Rapid Spanish and I thought I would give it a shot. I started and didn't stop. I went through all thelevels and learned sooooo much.

One day I returned to the original store where I started and was speaking (in Spanish) to some employees with whom I had never been able to communicate. One of them said " You can speak Spanish now!"

Yup, I can speak Spanish now and (as a result) have been promoted to management!

The methods Barry uses to teach are awesome. There are so many activities and fun things we do in class it just breezes by.

I have gotten more compliments on my Spanish and how it has improved than I can count. My Spanish speaking employees are impressed by how quickly I have learned. You don't even realize you are learning until one day you will say-HEY! I can speak Spanish!!"

-Janette Kinney
Rudy's BBQ



Our family decided that we wanted to take Spanish lessons together so that we could support each other as we prepared for our trip to Barcelona. We ran across Rapid Spanish while looking for lesson options on the internet.


It was a wonderful find! Barry and his team keep it fun, lively, interesting, and our progress was, in fact, rapid.


Actually, it was pretty amazing how, with this methodology, we were able to quickly grasp concepts, patterns of speech, grammar and vocabulary.


The environment is positive and encouraging. Even our teenage daughter had a great time.


And when we got to Spain, we were all able to function readily.


With the Rapid Spanish VIP Program, we have been able to revisit and take supplemental classes which have been a huge help in reviewing, retaining, and learning new information.


We have had many “light bulb” experiences as we have repeated lessons. Because the students learn faster than other, more traditional systems, we believe our costs for Rapid Spanish have been significantly cheaper.


We have recommended this program to our friends. It’s a great deal!


-Jan, Dave , and
Britt Ellen Keeler
Austin TX (2009)





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